We Offer Authentic Montana Dude Ranch Cuisine

Your time at our ranch won’t leave you hungry.  We offer “real deal” Montana dude ranch cuisine that will tempt your palate and stick to your ribs during and after your day’s adventures.

Our wholesome family style meals receive rave reviews. “We would like to compliment you on the food!”, “All the meals were excellent!”, “We especially appreciated the homemade breads and muffins!”, “I loved the … breakfast pancakes!”, “Yum!”

With our 21 day menu you would have to stay for weeks to repeat meals. We can accommodate low cholesterol, high fiber, vegetarian, porkless or allergy diets We take pride in serving tender, lean grass fed beef from our own herd; delicious pork, poultry and fish; fresh vegetables and fruits; fresh baked breads; homemade pies and cakes . . . all the good food you can eat. Sunday is buffet night. Friday evenings feature a ride and “all the trimmings” steak barbecue beside Mission Creek. You may forget your diet here, but you won’t forget our gourmet Montana dude ranch cuisine!