The Ranch:

Explore Our Montana Dude Ranch

63 Ranch offers a genuine “Montana Dude Ranch” experience.  We are a “working dude ranch,” where you may choose help gather, work or salt ranch-owned cattle for an authentic ranch adventure. We  also provide a relaxing ranch atmosphere on 2100 deeded acres, allowing you to take a pass on “work” and just enjoy the beautiful Montana scenery or take a gentle lope on horseback through the open meadows or sagebrush flats as part of your vacation.

Since 1929 63 Ranch has operated as a working Montana dude ranch by original family owners. Families with children are especially welcome to experience life on a ranch.

Horseback riding is our main activity and, experienced or not, riders soon become familiar with their horse chosen from our string of 60 horses. We offer comfortable cabin accommodations, including private bath/shower, ranging from 1-4 rooms. Enjoy excellent, family style meals, featuring wholesome, locally sourced ingredients.

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