Find Answers to Your Questions About Our Dude Ranch in Montana

First time guests or those considering a stay at our dude ranch in Montana often have questions about the experience.  On this page we answer the most common questions.

“Do you have a weight limit for horseback riding?”

Yes, the weight limit for horseback riding is restricted to 240 pounds. There are several factors that must be considered in determining whether or not an individual is too heavy or too big to ride, including: rider’s riding experience/ability, size of the horse, type of terrain, speed of ride, etc. With regard to the actual weight factor, we feel very confident that our horses can safely carry loads weighing up to 20% of their body weight including rider and saddle/tack . . . as a general rule. Naturally, we’ll use our discretion in choosing an appropriately sized horse for large riders. With our guests’ safety in mind, we reserve the right to restrict riding opportunities for riders over 200 pounds to level terrain, walking-only rides or even removing riding opportunities for that guest’s stay.

“Do you offer any horseback riding besides nose-to-tail?”

Yes. Most mountain trail riding around our dude ranch in Montana requires single file riding for obvious reasons. However, many of our faster riding opportunities offer those in control of their mount to spread out a bit provided the terrain is appropriate for such. Gathering and moving cattle will also provide for riding opportunities other than nose to tail.

“Will you add a gratuity or service charge to our final bill?”

No. Our weekly rates are all inclusive, which provides each guest’s lodging, meals, riding and evening entertainment. Gratuities during your stay at our dude ranch in Montana are not required, but left to each guest’s personal discretion.

“Where is the nearest airport located?”

Our nearest commercially served airport is located just outside Bozeman, MT which is an hour’s drive west of the ranch. We are happy to meet you by prior arrangement ($100.00 per person round trip). Flight arrivals after 3:00 pm will require you to either rent a vehicle or arrange alternate shuttle services.

“Do you have internet access?”

Yes. Our dude ranch offers a limited satelite WiFi network for those who choose to bring their personal laptop computers.